GridLink – Smart Grid Cables from Leigh Cables

Smart Grid, Smart Cables….

Smart Grids are modernised electricity grids which use information and communication technology to monitor and actively control generation and routing to meet demand efficiently and in real time.

Smart Grids help system operators manage supply at a more local level and better support the connection of renewable and low carbon sources of electricity into the grid.

Gridlink cables are designed to support Smart Grid technologies such as Advanced Control Room operating and network visualisation networks, Integrated DG (Distributed Generation) Network Control and Advanced SCADA and Telecommunications. Common protocols for these technologies include IEC61850, Modbus, and Ethernet standards.

Power Cables

  • IEC 60502-1 / 2
  • BS 6724
  • BS 7846
  • IEC 60092
  • 450 / 750 V
  • 600 / 1000 V
  • 1800 / 3000 V

Data Cables

  • Category Ethernet Cables
  • Fibre Optic Cables
  • IEC 61850
  • Modbus / RS485

Control Cables

  • Instrumentation & Control
  • EN 50288-7
  • BS / PAS 5308
  • IEC 60092-353
  • IEC 60092-376 


  • EMC Protected Cables
  • Mechanical Protection
  • Braid Armour
  • Steel Wire Armour
  • Oil Resistant Cables
  • Weather Resistant Cables


  • X-FLAM Technology
  • Enhanced Flame Retardance
  • Low Smoke Emissions
  • Zero Halogen Gas Emissions
  • Fire Resistant Options

Did you know?

Gridlink cables employ our X-FLAM compounds ensuring all cables are Low Smoke Zero Halogen with high flame retardance.

 Gridlink copper cables typically feature a tinned copper wire braid electrostatic screen to ensure signal integrity in “noisy” substation environments.

Gridlink optical cables meet the requirements of CPR (Construction Products Regulation) without compromise of the physical performance of traditional PE based NGTS cables making them suitable for in/outside installation.

Gridlink cables are available now, with the first installation in a UK Substation scheduled for the end of February 2024.

GridLink Armoured Control Cables

A range of Armoured Low Smoke Zero Halogen 600/1000V Control Cables Featuring a Copper Wire Braid Shield for EMC Protection.

  Download Datasheet

GridLink RS485 Data Communication Cables

A Low Smoke Zero Halogen Data Cable Suitable for RS 485 and Modbus Protocols and Featuring a Foil and Braid Dual Shield for EMC Protection and Integrity of Signal.

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GridLink Armoured Optical Cables

A range of Low Smoke Zero Halogen OM1, OM3 and OS1 Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cables in 12 to 24 Core Configurations Featuring Water Blocking Strength Members and Corrugated Steel Armour to NGTS 3.8.32.

  Download Datasheet

GridLink Unarmoured Optical Cables

A range of Low Smoke Zero Halogen OM1 and OM3 Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cables in 8 to 24 Core Configurations Featuring Water Blocking Strength Members to NGTS 3.8.7.

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