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What products do we make?

Leigh Cables manufacture industrial grade cables for distribution and industrial users around the world. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce industrial cables ranging from basic common designs to more complex multi core cables with special performance characteristics.

Armour protected cables, composite cables and special purpose designs compliant with industry standards are our specialty.

On this page you can see typical examples of product types manufactured at Leigh Cables. Feel free to contact us with your own requirements.

Power Cables

Leigh Cables manufactures both armoured and unarmoured industrial power cables in a wide range of configurations from single core to multicores in accordance with various standards and specifications including IEC 60502, BS 6346, BS 5467, BS 6724, BS 7846, BS 6231 and many more.

Our power cables are constructed around annealed copper conductors to IEC/EN 60228 Solid Class 1, Stranded Class 2, Flexible Class 5 and Super Flexible Class 6. We also manufacture single core power cables with aluminium stranded conductors.

Control & Instrumentation Cables

Leigh Cables manufacture control and instrumentation cables predominantly driven by BS EN 50288-7, PAS 5308 and BS 5308 standards. While BS 5308 was withdrawn and replaced by BS EN 50288-7, it has remained popular with customers hence the Publically Available Standard PAS 5308 was developed to incorporate designs not covered in the European standard for control and instrumentation cables.

To meet unique customer requirements we can design cables generally to the common control and instrumentation standards, allowing for more flexibility in cable design.

Data & BUS Cables

Leigh Cables are manufacturers of industrial data bus cables in the form of Fieldbus, Profibus, Modbus, DeviceNet and RS-485 cables.

Single or multi-pair Foundation Fieldbus Type A cables are commonly offered in 14 AWG, 16 AWG, 18 AWG and 22 AWG (American Wire Gauge) conductors. Jacket materials are tailored to suit installation environments and other customer requirements such as the need for Water, Oil, UV, Chemical Resistance, Flexibility or suitability for harsh or extreme temperatures. Our BUS Cables are offered in armoured and non-armoured versions with shielding options to meet performance requirements.

Profibus cables are offered as types PA and DP for fast-connect-type systems. Typically the cables are single pair with 18 or 22 American Wire Guage size conductors. Leigh cables offer both armoured and non-armoured versions with the choice of cable jackets driven by customer requirements to suit installation environments.

Thermocouple Cables

At Leigh Cables we manufacture thermocouple extension and compensating lead cables complying with American National Standards Institute (ANSI), British and International standards, though thermocouple designs are predominantly driven by BS EN 50288-7, PAS 5308 and BS 5308 standards.

Various configurations are developed to meet customer requirements with jacket materials selected according to characteristics suitable for the intended installation environment. The primary considerations are fire performance, chemical, water and oil resistance, flexibility, and performance in harsh environments. Our Thermocouple Cables are offered in both armoured and non-armoured versions.

Category & Data Cables

Leigh Cables offer category cables in both armoured and non-armoured versions. The category cables are offered as Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a and Cat7. These classifications vary in the levels of performance, typically offering different frequency ratings, screening arrangement and conductors. The category cables are offered with solid or stranded conductors and the type of shielding mean they can be:

U/UTP – Foil shielded cable, unshielded twisted pairs
F/UTP – Foil shielded cable, unshielded twisted pairs
F/FTP – Foil shielded cable, shielded twisted pairs
U/FTP – Unshielded cable, foil shielded twisted pairs
S/FTP – braided shielded cable, foil shielded twisted pairs

We offer enhanced category cables featuring steel armouring, water-blocking tapes, fire resistant tapes, water tolerant jackets, low and high temperature jackets, and jackets suitable for tough environments.

Defence Standard Cables

Leigh Cables manufacture cables to various parts of the ministry of defence standard DEF 61-12. The cables are offered in a variety of configurations in line with the specifications laid out in the standard.

The most common designs are the PVC insulated 0.5mm² Class 5 Tinned Annealed Copper multi-core cables as specified in part 5, complete with tinned copper wire braid and PVC jacket.

Cathodic Protection Cables

At Leigh Cables we manufacture single core cathodic protection cables typically constructed using 6mm² to 120mm² conductors. Cathodic Protection Cables are usually rated 600/1000V and designed generally to the IEC 60502-1 specification and customer requirement.

The most common designs offer insulation in HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) materials. Other designs are available using XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) compounds. The insulation and sheathing material choice is influenced by the intended installation environment.

Although common designs are non-armoured, Leigh Cables can offer armoured versions of Cathodic Protection cables to suit customer requirements.

Coaxial Cables

Leigh Cables offer many varieties of Coaxial Cable including the common RG-6, RG-11, and RG-59 types. Dependant on the intended application different jacket materials are offered with typical examples being jackets suitable for flame retardancy, water resistance, oil resistance and harsh environment resilience.

Further enhancements are on offer including performance tapes beneath the sheathing to prevent water ingress or act as a fire barrier, and our Coaxial Cables are offered in both armoured and non-armoured versions for mechanical protection.

Optical Cables

Leigh Cables offer enhanced fibre cables suitable for the more demanding environments and applications.

We offer a range of single mode and multimode fibres in common configurations such as 4, 8, 12, 24, 48 and 96 cores in both armoured and unarmoured variants. These typically take the form of 62.5/125 µm OM1 fibres, 50/125 µm OM3 fibres, 50/125 µm OM4 Fibres or 9/125 µm OS2 fibres to TIA/ITU Standards such as G.651.1 and G.652.D.

Further performance enhancements offer additional fire resistance, flame retardance, water resistance or other protection to suit marine and industrial applications in tough environments.

High Temperature Cables

Leigh Cables X-Temp cables are capable of operating at a continuous temperature of up to 400°C. These cables are typically single or multi-core with pure nickel or nickel plated conductors.

Leigh Cables is also the owner of the Zyrad brand, offering irradiation crosslinked single core Zyrad 555 and UL approved Zyrad 500 cables with a continuous operating temperature of up to 150°C.

We also offer 125°C rated insulated or sheathed cables with silane cross-linked LSZH grades in cases where our standard 90°C LSZH grades do not meet customer temperature requirements.

Super Flexible Cables

Leigh Cables offer highly flexible cables to suit different customer requirements. These cables are designed with Flexible Class 5 and Super Flexible 6 conductors. Insulating and sheathing materials are typically ethylene propylene rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastic vulcanizates, Polyurethane, flexible PVC and LSZH grades.

Single core HYFLEX cables are offered to meet voltage requirements from 0.6/1.0kV to 6.35/11kV. Leigh Cables also offer other HYFLEX configurations including multi-cores, pairs, triples, quads and hybrid cables with various voltage rating options typically up to 0.6/1.0kV.

Radiation Tolerant Cables

Leigh Cables are manufacturers of radiation tolerant cables suitable for radio-active environments including inspection robot umbilicals. Our RADRES designs feature insulating and sheathing materials which meet requirements defined in IEC 60544-4.

The radiation resistant cables are offered in different configurations which include single and multi cores, pairs, triples and quads as well as hybrid combinations of different cable types to suit customer requirements. Materials are specially selected to meet the performance requirements specified, including radiation exposure levels.

Irradiation Crosslinked

Zyrad™ cables feature an especially robust insulation or jacket material which is crosslinked via electron beam, as opposed to regular chemical crosslinking. The irradiation cross-linked Zyrad™ cables have excellent characteristics such as temperature resistance, mechanical damage and abrasion resistance, as well as being flame retardant.

Zyrad™ cables are manufactured using premium smooth unilay Class 5 Tinned Copper conductors to aid flexibility and overall size, and cores can be twisted together to form multicore cables to meet customer requirements.

Our Zyrad™ 500 cables for example, are the perfect choice for Electric Motors, Generators, Transformers, Induction Loops, Automotive and Domestic Appliances. Zyrad™ 500 is fully certified to meet the requirements of UL AWM 3288 & 3289 standards.

Fire Resistant Cables

Leigh Cables Fire Resistant Cables are designed to meet the circuit integrity requirements specified in standards such as IEC 60331, EN 50200, BS 6387 and BS 8434-2.

We offer cables in various configurations which include single and multi cores, pairs, triples, quads and hybrid composite cables.

The choice of materials is driven by the level of Fire Resistance specified by customers, as well as smoke or gas emission requirements.

Marine Cables

Leigh Cables are manufacturers of industrial cables suitable for marine and offshore applications. The cables are typically power, signal, communication, control and instrumentation type cables for offshore platforms, shipboard wiring, and other at-sea installations such as oil drilling and production.

Our marine grade cables are manufactured to various British, European, International, and Industry standards which include BS6883, BS7917, IEC60092-376, and NEK606 (Norwegian Standard). Typically, the cables are halogen free, flame retardant, oil, water, and fire resistant.

Composite Cables

Leigh Cables specialise in the design and manufacture of composite cables for use in a wide variety applications. The most common composite cables combine power, signal, data, and control units cabled together to suit customer requirements.

Our composite designs are available in armoured and non-armoured configurations. We specialise in composite cables designed to operate in challenging environments and requirements including under the sea, oil, water, fire resistance.

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