HYFLEX Flexible Cables from Leigh Cables

Flexible Design, Flexible Usage.

Leigh Cables offers a variety of industrial cables with high, or indeed super, flexibility for low and medium power applications in compliance with British, European, International and Industrial Standards.

Combined with flexible conductors to IEC 60228 Class 5 and Class 6, HYFLEX cables are further enhanced in a range of outer jacket materials to suit the application, whether that be for Low Smoke Zero Halogen characteristics, Oil and Water Resistance or for protection against Mechanical and Abrasion damage.

Unique HYFLEX variants are often designed to requirement, where our technical design team work with the client to craft bespoke solutions that maintain standard compliance.

Flexible, in every sense of the word.


  • IEC 60228 CL5 High-Flex Conductors
  • IEC 60228 CL6 Super-Flex Conductors
  • Flexible Single & Multi Core Cables
  • Excellent Low Bend Radii
  • Flexible Rubber-Like Thermoplastics
  • Dynamic Motion Applications
  • Restricted Space Installations


  • 300 / 500 V Cables
  • 450 / 750 V Cables
  • 600 / 1000 V Cables
  • 1560 V DC Applications
  • 1.9 / 3.3 kV Rated Cables
  • 3.8 / 6.6 kV Rated Cables
  • 6.35 / 11 kV Rated Cables


  • UV & Ozone Resistant Cables
  • Halogen Free Low Smoke Options
  • Abrasion & Damage Resistant
  • Excellent Operating Temperatures
  • Weather & Water Resistance
  • Oil & Chemical Resistance
  • Saltwater & Depth Resistant Options


  • Portable Power Connectivity
  • Battery & Welding Applications
  • Marine & Offshore Applications
  • Heavy Construction Machinery
  • Rail & Transit Motor Interconnects
  • Drag Chains & Dynamic Applications
  • Generators & Transformers

Bloxwich National Grid Energy Storage & Balancing Facility

Image : Arenko

Leigh Cables developed and manufactured a highly flexible HYFLEX solution for the Arenko™ and General Electric™ energy storage facility at Bloxwich which is designed to mitigate energy shortfalls by injecting electricity into the grid from a large scale 41MW battery facility.

HYFLEX Marine 50mm² Single Core Submersible Design

A saltwater resistant 600/1000V power and control cable designed to operate at depth in challenging marine environments.

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HYFLEX 50mm² Enhanced 3.8/6.6kV ZH4E Cable

A highly flexible and robust 3800/6600V single core power cable with an excellent operating temperature range and oil resistance.

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HYFLEX 70mm² Flexible Waterproof Power Cable

This supremely robust and flexible power cable features additional protection by way of a steel wire braid armour.

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HYFLEX Multi Core Flexible Cable for OEM Applications

All the benefits of single core HYFLEX cables in this multicore 600/1000V package designed for OEM Applications.

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HYFLEX Fire Resistant Flexible Power Cable

Generally to IEC 60502-1 and BS 6883 and combining the flexibility of HYFLEX cables with Fire Resistance to meet IEC 60331.

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