ZYRAD™ 950

Flexible. Fire Resistant. Tough.







Zyrad™ 950

An IEC 60331 compliant low smoke zero halogen equipment wire featuring advanced electron beam crosslinked polymers for excellent resistance to oils, chemicals and mechanical abrasion.

Unilay Conductors

Premium concentric stranded conductors feature lower diameters, higher flexibility and a truely uniformed construction. 

E-Beam Technology

The irradiation crosslinked long chain molecules in Zyrad™ cables provide a robust and resilient solution.

IEC 60331

Circuit integrity in fire situations is assured in the new IEC 60331 compliant Fire Resistant Zyrad™ 950.

All-round Resilience

The Zyrad™ 950 presents an excellent choice for applications demanding resistance to chemicals, oils and mechanical damage whilst maintaining flexibility and circuit integrity during fire scenario.

With an excellent operating temperature range and halogen free insulation the Zyrad™ 950 is an all-round performer.

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